Discovering and Acting on Passion & Purpose

Random fact: whether it's through quotes, bible verses, music, or life experiences I continuously find myself to be an inspiration-seeking type of person.  I crave that feeling of always bettering myself and always moving forward.  So, I discovered Making Things Happen (@mthconference) on instagram quite some time ago and have been infinitely impressed by their commitment to what I desire the most motivated praise-worthy life that I can.  

For those of you who have not heard of Making Things Happen, their direct quote is " intensive designed to fire you up."  A perfect way to sum it all together!  MTH is a conference that began five years ago when inspiration-seeking people like myself who wanted to make a difference in this world helped answer the question, "How do you make things happen?"  Their key purpose is to instill empowerment, encouragement to move outside of your comfort zone, forgetting your fears to step boldly into what you aspire to be/do the most.  Life is short.  Live it up.  

Going after your dreams can be scary, no doubt!  Just like everyone else, I have "down days" when I feel as if my dreams and passions are out of my reach and I have no idea where to begin to pursue them.  But, just like everyone who has stepped outside of their comfort zone at least once will say, it was the best decision they ever made.  There is guaranteed growth and change within yourself but it is always for the positive.  Personally, I can relate to this wholeheartedly right now.  I just graduated college and feel the intensity of excitement/nerves/happiness/anticipation for what the future holds.  I have debated moving outside of my hometown where I have always found the most comfort because of constantly being surrounded by family.  I have considered pursuing my Master's degree in something completely different from my undergraduate education.  I contemplated changing majors all too many times while in college, majors that could not have been more different and led to more diverse career paths.  All of these considerations are scary and promise to be unsettling situations.  
Final thoughts?  Never stop pursuing that leap of faith.  

Faith > Fear.

Never stop striving to be a better person, friend, family member, mentor, neighbor.  Exude a positive lifestyle that radiates wherever you go.  When you have those "down days" as we all do, keep your chin up and realize that those days will happen but it's how you handle them that matter.  Most importantly, HAVE FUN!  The best part of making things happen is the journey that gets you there.  :)  As my dad used to always tell me, "Your future is so bright you gotta wear shades!"  

Go do life.

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