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For the past eight weeks I have been part of a bible study designed by the group Love God Greatly along with some lovely ladies. Throughout the study I have occasionally written in my faith journal. Considering the end of this Psalm 119 study is here, I wanted to post my last journal entry, as it has been such an incredible journey of faith. I am excited to see which study I am led to next!

August 9th, 2015

Today is the last day of the Psalm 119 study with some faithful sisters in scripture. What a wonderful journey it has been working/praying/studying alongside such beautiful ladies inside + out. A lot happened over the course of the eight weeks of this study. I feel like my soul is even more on fire for The Lord. I desire God's word more intentionally. To live life serving Him. To love others unconditionally. To be content with where I am currently in life but to always strive for a more meaningful, fulfilled lifestyle. To continue with the SOAP [scripture, observation, application, prayer] format of this study, I chose Psalm 119:89-96 as the verses of my heart.

In summary:
+ His word is eternal
+ The earth endures His love forever
+ His faithfulness is continuous
+ Serve Him, Serve His People 
+ Without Him, my life would not be anchored in hope
+ He has preserved my life
+ I am not meant to be perfect
+ We are limitless with His grace 

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