Bucket List

Today's topic : 10 items off your bucket list. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!

Design my dream home.
Out in the country, a couple acres of open land, wrap around porch, rustic home decor, and a down-home vibe the minute you walk in.

Spend a summer on a mission.
Haiti and Africa have been on my mind lately. Someday I would LOVE to go and serve in any way I can and to spread the divine love of our Savior.

Write a book.
I have been a lover of reading ever since I was a little girl. I remember reading books to my grandparents and paraphrasing books at my dad's house. Writing a book would be an amazing opportunity and something I definitely hope to achieve one day.

Wait for the right man, get married, and raise a family.
I will keep this short and sweet, but the subject of singleness is one I could ramble on and on about. The older I get, the more I realize that this season of being single is not only a page of my God-written story but it is also necessary because God has a man in mind that will exceed all of my hopes and dreams. He will be worth waiting for. I've dreamed about having a large family ever since I was a little girl. I just think children are some of the most precious gifts from above that bring such joy to this world, and I'm excited to have my own littles one day.

Be a stay at home mom.
Going along with the previous bucket list item, I have always dreamed of being actively involved in my kids' lives. I want to be the mom that volunteers in the classroom, that is able to help with their homework. I just want to be wholly there.

Learn to play guitar.
I have owned a guitar for about three years now, and still do not know how to properly play it (well).

Live my life based on intention and grace.
Something very important I learned from my dad is to live free. This one might sound a little cliche but it's something I truly strive for daily and love for others to experience life in its fullest form. Do not let life consume you, consume life itself, embracing each and every moment you have here on Earth. Choose happiness in all that you do.

Learn to speak Spanish.
For obvious reasons, it would be so beneficial to learn another language whether it be for work or international mission work, this learned skill would be very helpful.

Participate in the Pay It Forward campaign.
I have wanted to do this for quite some time now. What a rewarding feeling to make someone else's day and possibly start of a conversation with them, befriending a stranger + doing a good deed for the day. Win-Win.

Stargazing in the mountains.
Does this one need an explanation? How incredibly beautiful would this be! Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. The beauty is all around us, life is all in how you make it


  1. I have to admit, I totally forgot about writing a book. For as long as I can remember, writing a children's book has always been floating in the back of my mind.

    I also agree whole-heartedly with the singleness/patience of waiting for the right person to come along. Go you!

    Noveltea Corner

    1. Thanks, Stef! :)

      Writing a book would be an amazing accomplishment. You never know, maybe one day we will both be authors. :)

  2. I hope to be a stay-at-home mom someday, too...I just gotta get the kids, first. :) Language skills are awesome, go for it! My 2nd and 3rd languages are Mandarin and Spanish, either one is really practical and useful for work or ministry or just plain life!

    1. Wow, that's great Rachel! I am sure knowing the additional two languages helps in a variety of situations. Any tips on learning Spanish or recommend any software programs? :)

  3. We share a lot of bucket list items! :)