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Today's topic : Just for fun, your latest obsession. What can you not get enough of these days?

My latest obsession is home decor.  I am currently in search of an apartment which definitely sparked this home decor fire.  To go along with that, an update on the big "to move or not to move" situation...

My options were 1) Move to Noblesville, IN for a physical therapist assistant job or 2) Move to Fort Wayne and keep my current pta job

I had one whole weekend to make up my mind, this past Sunday I made the decision to move to Fort Wayne, not too far from my hometown.  I could not be more grateful for the job I have now, I absolutely love the people, the patients, the pay, the job itself, everything just seemed to line up so wonderfully.  To make the decision a little less stressful, I told myself that just because I will be getting an apartment in Fort Wayne does not limit the rest of my life to this area.  Ask anyone I know, I love to travel and have completely new experiences.  But for once in my life, I wanted to just stay.  & I truly believe that it was a God-given sign as I felt a strong instinct that it was the right decision at least for right now in my life and my current circumstances.

My mind is constantly thinking up ways to go outside my comfort zone and explore which is great and I think that is a very positive mindset; however, sometimes I need to remind myself to just be still and let God do His thing.  Ultimately, he knows my future and if I wholeheartedly let Him, my path will be guided that way.

Tomorrow my mom and I will be doing one last apartment hunting trip and based on this particular complex, I will most likely be moving within the next two weeks. :)  [P.S. I will be posting tomorrow's adventures in a vlog - speaking of outside my comfort zone ;)]

Whew, back to the original subject: home decor.

With the recent apartment hunting adventures, comes a lot of pinning on my "dream home board".  I am absolutely OBSESSED with white fairy lights, bright white decor, faded rustic barn wood, pops of greenery throughout the home, cozy blankets placed in wicker baskets.  I cannot wait to decorate each room and develop my personal theme.  I will definitely be posting my home decor ideas on here as soon as it is all put together. :)

Happy almost weekend,
Hailey Mae xoxo


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