My passion remains in serving others. 

The years after my first mission to Costa Rica in 2007 have been an incredible journey of faith especially in regards to service.  Learning about God’s will for my life and how to let His plans prevail.  Although difficult at times, His grace has been constant throughout each and every step.  I personally feel called to serve through various mission work experiences as well as my job as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Missions have been a Heaven sent gift.  Each act of service has continuously changed my heart and challenged my faith.  I have witnessed and been a part of what we consider to be third world poverty.  So far, I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunities to go on missions to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Chile.  Someday, I would love to include Haiti + Africa.  I have seen children who have experienced things that no one should ever have to endure, especially an innocent child.  On the other hand, I have witnessed a strength of faith and worship like none I have seen before.  The villages we serve typically experience poverty; however, they also experience immense faith in Christ.  Which I consider to be the ultimate wealth.  They find immense joy and solely rely on God’s promises.  Something that I am inspired by.

My job as a PTA has been a roller coaster of emotions.  College has a way of testing you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I decided to pursue a bachelor of science in health and exercise science as well as an associate of science PTA.  When it came time to choose a major I knew two things: I wanted something in the medical field and something where I could help others.  It wasn’t until my nursing home clinical rotation when I discovered where my true passion is within physical therapy.  The elderly stole my heart.  I love working with them because they too challenge me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  At the same time, I feel it is my job to be a source of encouragement for them.  They lift my spirits, and I hope to lift theirs as well.
Missing this little guy so much! Every time I see this picture I feel so many emotions. He ran up to our bus as we were leaving on the last day of work in Guatemala with the most somber stature and look of sadness that we had to leave. He held my hand until the bus drove us off. In just one short week with a language barrier, he taught me so much about where true happiness comes from. Our Heavenly Father. He is one of the many children that touched my heart that week. Thankful to have met someone like him with his joyous heart and bright smile. Please keep him in your prayers tonight.

If I had to offer advice to someone who is searching for that passion in life, I would suggest involving yourself in various acts of service.  Whether it be through athletics, the elderly, missions, animal shelters, an orphanage, habitat for humanity, big brothers big sisters, etc., you will find what your heart longs to be a part of.  You will know when you have found that passion when it becomes a large part of your life and you are continuously thinking of ways to dive into a deeper, meaningful aspect of life.

What are you passionate about?  How did you discover your passion?  What advice would you give for someone who is searching for their passion in life?


  1. You have such a beautiful passion, Hailey! I love that you've been to Latin America several times to serve. My first mission trip was to the Caribbean in 2006 and it changed my life. The picture of the boy reaching out to you breaks my heart. The look on his face is desperate, haunting.

    1. He definitely pulled on my heartstrings. We had an instant connection that week, so saying goodbye was nearly impossible. I would love to hear more about your mission to the Caribbean! God bless sweet girl! <3

  2. This is amazing.
    Getting involved and seeing how so many live different lives. You get to make a difference, truly inspiring.

    1. Thank you, Kimmy. The people we serve ALWAYS end up inspiring us more than we could ever imagine. The entire experience is truly life changing. Hope you have a blessed day!

  3. What a great story of pursuing a passion clearly God intended for you :)


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