Today's topic : Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you. Any advice or funny stories?

This post gives me sort of mixed feelings.  The way I was at 16 is just part of my story.  Everything I did, said, didn't do helped shape me into who I am today.  That being said, I do think there are multiple reasons why 16 year olds, or around that age, should read these kinds of posts.  To find inspiration, to know that there is in fact a life beyond high school, especially if they are experiencing bully type issues or feeling as if they will not amount to anything outside of high school.

Stop worrying so much about having multiple friendships and being "popular".
Remember, being popular means you are happy, living life, and continuously striving after your dreams.
Quality > Quantity with just about everything in life.
You do not have to have name brand items.  Go to thrift stores, it's more original anyway.
Pay attention in Spanish class, you will be glad you did!
Get involved earlier in high school, in multiple groups/clubs, get to know your fellow high school classmates.
Read Scripture, there is so much truth, wisdom, love, and hope found in His word.  Take the time to deepen your faith.
Stop comparing yourself to your classmates.  Do what is best for you and what makes you happy.
Go the speed limit, speeding tickets are not worth the time, money, and hassle.
Don't be nervous to try new things.
Savor your seasons and stop wishing your life away.  Time has a way of getting away from you.
Enjoy the moment and have fun!

You will go on to graduate college and continue to pursue missions.  Something that you will discover is one of your absolute beloved passions in life, along with your career.  You will grow to LOVE writing/blogging.  You will meet the most sincere, genuine people from local areas all the way to internationally.  You will continue to overcome obstacles, with a stronger faith and desire to have a deeper relationship with Christ.  You will come to love going outside of your comfort zone.  You will lose and gain friendships and relationships, and while it may be difficult, you will come to realize that your prince charming may not arrive by the time you were planning but that God has a very special man for you someday.  And he will be worth the wait.  You will have a life beyond high school as well as college, you will experience all sorts of amazing opportunities to pursue.

24 year old you <3


  1. What a wonderful letter! It's strange to look back and see the things we thought were so important back then!

    1. I agree! The littlest things seemed so daunting in high school. Then we learn to be grateful for the little things and not stress so much about them. :)

  2. Me reí cuando leí, "Pay attention in Spanish class!"

    I love that you love missions? What kind have you done and where?

    1. :) I should have done a better job of that in high school. Now I will have to commit to a class or program somewhere local!

      The mission team I typically go with is from a Methodist church a couple hours from my hometown in Indiana. We have been to Costa and Guatemala doing all sorts of mission work. Helping to build/fix-up a church, installing hand-washing sinks, VBS in the villages, a variety of construction projects, and spending time in orphanages. The most recent was to Chile with a group from my university, that's what originally started this blog. :)