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Well, I will officially be moving into my apartment on October 2nd. :)

As stressful as it was searching for an apartment and making big decisions along the way, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to have those big decisions to make.  I find so much excitement in taking this next step in life and the things that could potentially come within the next year or less.  My plans are to take each day as it comes, not stress about the small things, embrace change, and continue to strive for my biggest dreams.  I'm also thankful that my mom could be a part of this process.

One thing I know will always be constant is my faith in Christ and His love for me.  And in that, I find the most comfort.

Today's topic : Record a VLOG! It can be about anything you'd like!

Now, before I explain my vlog, I wanted to just point out that I have been LOVING family vloggers on youtube for the past couple of years now.  Shaytards being my absolute favorite.  I think one of the reasons I feel so attached to their family and their jobs as vloggers is because of the home videos my dad shot when I was a little girl.  Him and my grandpa always had their camcorder on them, ready to film us kids.  I didn't quite understand the value of those memories in video form until I got older and can now appreciate them on an entirely new level.

To begin the day, I had my morning necessity: coffee.  Although, I tend to not drink it until I get to work because drinking coffee straight away in the morning does not mix well with me for some reason. I then headed for work which is about a 20 minute drive from my house.  I love the drive because it is basically one country road the entire way there.  It gives me time to myself and to jam out to some music. ;)  I then had the radio cranked up, again, on the way home.  Quite typical of me.

Following work, my mom and I left for one last apartment hunting day.  "live laugh, love, it's good to be home!" was the quote on one of the pamphlets I received today and that's exactly how it felt.

Upon arriving home, I opened up my blog, one of my favorite things to do.  My pug, Myah, and my iced coffee were wonderful additions to this blogging sesh.

I hope and pray that these next twelve months are full of contentment in each moment, growth, and adventure.  Here's to what's to come! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!

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