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Fear not, the Lord is with you. It’s amazing what the grace of God can do. 

I love days like today. No appointments, no errands, and no particular schedule. Just moment to moment taking on what the day brings as it comes. I finally had the chance to visit a local coffee shop that I had been wanting to go to for quite some time now. Based on photos I have seen and reviews I read, I knew it was going to be well worth going to.

I did not expect for it to be as special of a visit as it proved to be. The hospitality, being surrounded by scripture and nature, the coffee, the cute family dog greeting everyone, and the at home feeling it gives all combined to be such a beautiful visit.

After driving down country roads and then a winding lane lined with countless trees I was greeted by the owners' friendly family dog. Quickly I noticed the bible verses and quotes surrounding the already gorgeous property.

Walking into the tea room was a beautifully crafted, wooden, antique circular room filled with such joy and a gorgeous view of the woods. The light shimmered in so iridescently.

There were people of all ages there laughing and telling stories. One of the owners was chatting away with some of the customers and soon he walked over to me, kindly asked if I would be okay with him playing his guitar and singing a few tunes. To which of course I said, definitely! He then began to sing some of his originals from his album Four Chords for the Lord. 

Call it cheesy or whatnot, but it felt like such a surreal moment. I love my coffee shops to begin with. But this one came with an owner who showed his utmost appreciation for his visitors, played music sang and shared stories with us, made the atmosphere feel very family-like, the scenery outside was a dream, and my coffee was delicious.

Before paying for the coffee, I noticed a jar near the register, they were selling homemade bracelets to raise money for Philippines adoptions. I purchased one of the bracelets and instantly thought back to the past mission opportunities I had and all of the beautifully crafted handmade items in those countries.

A back story of Quiet Corner and the owners: They are a married couple who started this tea room about fifteen years ago. The couple had served as missionaries in India and Mississippi. The wife remembered how precious tea time was in India and the serving mindset behind tea time. It was then decided to start a coffee + tea room where they serve authentic chai tea along with many other drinks and food with a serving heart instead of a business mind.

Here are a few of the couple's statements about their purpose behind their actions:

"We have come to consider Quiet Corner a ministry and gladly give all credit for its popularity to our Creator whose handiwork constitutes the exquisite view beyond its windows."

"No one should enter into eternity without having at least considered the claims of Jesus Christ as God and Saviour."

"We have operated our tea shop as a ministry rather than a business, a vehicle for conveying the Gospel of Salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, and greet visitors to Quiet Corner with handmade signs communicating the claims of our Saviour."

They included statements from their lesson materials for the students they taught in Mississippi as a way of portraying their faith in Christ and the love He has for each and every one of us.

"We take this opportunity to inform participants that in order for us to pour our professional lives into theirs, it was necessary to sell our home of 15 years, leave family and friends, sacrifice personal job security, and risk our own physical well-being. We hope they might be prompted to ask themselves, why this gesture of self-sacrifice on our part? That the presentation of this program represents a gesture of professional good will is absolutely true. But deeper than this is our desire to demonstrate the reality of Jesus Christ in our lives."

I ended up leaving the shop with a smile on my face, an uplifted spirit, feeling very grateful, and a free CD by Richard Rinker.

If you are ever in the area, I would recommend checking out Quiet Corner Tea + Coffee Room. It is absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be returning before they close for the season. :)

2 Chronicles 7:14

...Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God...Who cannot lie...You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.

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