Everlasting Love + Unending Hope

Dear reader,

You are cherished. 

You are worthy. 

You are loved.

His love reaches all; no matter what your past may hold, no matter what burdens you have or trials you have faced. He calls you to a place of grace and eternal life. Because of His perfect love you have the opportunity to overcome hardships, rejoice in the Lord and grow with mercy captivated by love. How sweet is that?

I aim to circle my ministry around serving others with a genuine heart and to be a light in the darkness of losing loved ones. I truly believe that it is because of the grace of God that I have joy in my heart and a strong soul anchored in God's love, even in the midst of adversities. This is not something that has happened overnight and is something that still requires much intention on my part. I choose to accept His love and surrender my life to serving His Kingdom.

Love God + Love people.

I write this as a reminder for you and for me. Perhaps for when life seems to be overwhelming, for those feelings of loneliness, or for anytime when you simply need a little pick me up. I find so much comfort in knowing that by grace through faith I am saved. I will intentionally pursue Christ, I will study scripture, I will find joy in the small things, I will thank God for all things.

I pray that we see the mercy and love God has for us, that we find our heart and soul anchored in hope. To find the light in the midst of darkness. To feel His grace falling upon us. To feel the everlasting love of God in our hearts.

God is bigger than our fears and failures.

God is our saving grace.

God is love.

Hailey Mae

John 3:16 | For God so loved the world that have gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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