Happiness A to Z

Happy Wednesday lovelies! With the holiday season officially here, I have been very inspired to write about what makes me happy. So why not an A to Z format?

I love reading other peoples' thoughts about how they maintain happiness. Because let's face it, sometimes life can be a tiny bit overwhelming. Below is a list of things that make me happy from A to Z. Enjoy! Comment your list below!


Adventure | I love spontaneous things in life. Going on adventures, exploring, broadening my horizons. 

Baking | Personally, I believe baking > cooking. I find it very relaxing and the best part is devouring the finished product.

Coffee | I like a nicely brewed medium roast coffee with creamy creamer and two sugars topped with whipped cream drizzled with caramel.

Driving | Whether it be a road trip or just a long drive, I love it. You will typically find me jamming to all sorts of tunes.

Exercise | Endorphins are real people. When I work out I am left feeling so energized and feel more motivated to tackle my to-do list.

Flying | The atmosphere of airports and the curiosity of where in the world each person is flying off to intrigues me. Not to mention, flying at any part of the day is beautiful.

Geriatrics | I work with the geriatric population and I never leave work without a smile. They are full of very interesting stories and I just love working with them.

Home videos | Something I have always loved ever since I can remember are home videos. The memories that soon fade away can be relived over and over again. Happiness.

Ice cream | Top 3 flavors: mint chocolate chip, coffee, moose tracks. It is very rare for me to go a day without eating a bowl of ice cream.

Jesus | When the world has broken me down, your love sets me free. I love growing in my relationship with Christ.

Kids | Their innocence, sweet laughs, imaginations and all around cuteness make me smile. I have loved babysitting and am so excited to have some littles of my own one day.

Love | I believe there is true happiness to be found when connections are made and you begin to care for someone more than yourself.

Missions | Making the most amazing connections internationally and within your team all through the power of Christ.

Nachos + Queso | Mexican food is my all time favorite. Nachos and queso being some of the best as well as a loaded quesadilla with pico de gallo. YUM.

Ocean | The sound of ocean waves have been a favorite of mine for many, many years. Fun fact: I used to have an ocean sound machine to help me sleep when I was in elementary school. 

Pets | Need I say more? I become so attached to any and all pets I have and have had. It is certainly no exaggeration that they are a part of your family. My pug, Myah, is my love.

Quiet time | One of my ultimate favorite activities. For example, quiet time paired with a coffee and Rend Collective Pandora station is my best blogging atmosphere.

Roller coasters | Oh, the adrenaline rush of a curvy upside down coaster. Same goes for a large water slide. 

Sunshine | As most do, I love when the sun shines down with its glorious rays and warmth.

Travel | Everything from the packing, to the airport, to the flight itself. I love the curiosity of wondering where each person is going and the reason behind their flight.

University | This may sound completely "off" to some, but I love the feeling I get when I enter a college campus (Notre Dame being one of my favorites). I complained about my studies quite a bit during college but looking back, those were some of the favorite years.

Volunteering | Whether it be getting my hands dirty, serving internationally and locally I love donating time and whatever else I am able to give. The reward is priceless. 

Writing | Since a young girl, I have loved reading and school. Writing gives me the opportunity to reach out to others.

Xenial | Being hospitable. Welcoming others into my home with joy. I love to host others, making them feel as at home as possible.

Yellow | When I think of yellow I think of summertime, the beautiful yellow flowers blooming and the beach. It brings so much joy.

Zeal | I love having passion in life, no matter what it may be. Passion differs from person to person but either way living life with passion is the definition of happiness.


  1. I love this idea for a post! We share a lot of the same happy things. Quiet Time on a sunny day with coffee and my cat near by is perfection. :)

    1. Hi Donna! I'm glad we share a lot of similar happiness ideas! :)