I hope you all find yourselves recovering from the great Christmas weekend in preparation for New Years! Scrolling through Pinterest, per usual I came across a lovely calligraphy quote by @allshewrotenotes. It is so straight forward, to the point and resonates so well with me as well as you I am sure of it.

Work Hard. 
Stay Sweet.
Trust God.
Love Deep.


If I had to sum up all of the life lessons I have learned up until this point, these four statements say it all. My interpretations could be different from yours which is why I encourage you to think about what these words mean to you + let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Work hard toward your ultimate goals in life. Work hard everyday. Consume the inspiration you need and when it feels like you have reached the end of your achievements, work harder.

Stay sweet so that when you are in pursuit of your dreams you always make sure to remain you. 

Trust God in everything you do. Continuously work on putting Him at the center of each and every piece of life and surrender to ultimately let His plan prevail.

Love deeply and unconditionally as God loves you. Forgive others as He forgives us.

All four of these statements sum up how I believe life should be treasured + lived out fully. Think about how each little step you take forward will add up to large steps toward your biggest achievements.

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