Happy 2016 everyone! Wow, what a year 2015 was. A very quick recap...

January | Arrive back home from Chile. Begin very intensive 5 week program for the end of my college class career.
February | Survive the last of the 5 week intensive program at my university. Begin my first full time clinical. Fun fact: I am now gladly working at this same place where I had my clinical. :)
March | Begin my last full time clinical in Indianapolis, unknowingly entering a place way outside of my comfort zone that helped me grow tremendously.
April | Finish clinicals. Wrap up everything at my university in preparation for graduation.
May | Graduate with associates + bachelors. Study for boards.
June | Study for boards.
July | Nervously take boards exam. Pass exam. Turn 24.
August | Begin working as a physical therapist assistant.
September | Participate in first blog link up and love every minute of it.
October | Focus on my job.
November | Move into my own place.
December | Revive old family traditions in my own place. Choose to continue to grow in my faith with Christ.

For the new year I decided to start a new tradition by choosing one word that I want to focus on for 2016. One word may be small but it can carry so much meaning. So, the word for 2016 is intention.

My goal is to be intentional with...

Taking the time to be truly present in each moment. Being intentional in prayer for love and others. Growing in my faith and using my actions for a greater good. All of these things are my 2016 promises to myself.

God Bless.

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