My sister got me a "bucket list" bucket for Christmas. If you know me personally, you know that I am obsessed with list-making especially when it comes to things I want to accomplish or do in my lifetime. Having been taught the life lesson of how fragile life is at a young age, I am always thinking of new ideas to add to my bucket list and adventures I can go on. To live life intentionally and fully. Needless to say, I have been so excited about filling up my now literal "bucket" list. I thought I would share a few of the items I have included so far. What are some of your bucket list items? I would love to know what's on your heart and the things you dream of achieving!

One day I will...

+ serve on a long term mission
+ get married to the man I have been praying for
+ go hiking
+ be baptized in the Jordan River
+ backpack across Europe
+ visit and explore each state
+ snowboard in Colorado
+ worship with Hillsong United
+ rescue a puppy from a shelter
+ build a log cabin or country home
+ take my mom on the vacation of her dreams
+ travel the Pacific Coast Highway
+ write a book
+ go to a showing of Jimmy Fallon
+ learn to surf
+ earn my Master's
+ learn to speak Spanish
+ visit Harry Potter world at Universal Studios
+ be in New York for New Years
+ start a family with my soulmate

I plan to continue adding to this list, all while hoping to check each item off one by one. :) It is exciting to have big dreams and an even bigger imagination to think of once in a lifetime ideas that could add so much value to your life. When it comes to living a full life, I am continuously working on not relying on plans and being more spontaneous. For example, one of my goals for 2016 is to take a road trip, big or small, once a month to a place I have never been before. This will require more spontaneity on my part. I am excited to see what adventures lie ahead and to hear your amazing stories of following your dreams and accomplishing your life goals.

Hailey Mae


  1. What a nice, thoughtful blog you have created.