This past weekend I had one of my best friends come stay with me. She lives about 3 hours away and we both lead pretty busy lives, making it difficult to find time to get together. But both of our plans worked in our favor and we finally found a decent amount of time to catch up! What a blessing it is to have true friends in our lives. Mindy and I were roommates at the University of Indianapolis, we are both super easy going so we got along great from the very beginning our freshman year in 2010. Since, I have gotten to know her entire rowdy family and we have had countless dance parties, shared in the many ups and downs that come with college and now the post grad life and mid-20's, many laughs (mostly at the expense of Mindy's clumsiness haha, sorry girl). The older we get we realize how truly blessed we are to have true friends that we know will have our back and can always count on for anything. Not to mention the girls nights and venting about life, boys and how we are getting old. (lol)

We both recently turned twenty five years young - in which we are still trying to fathom how we are a quarter of a century already. Time flies when you are having fun and seems to be in hyper speed the older you get. Lifelong friends are a rarity and something that should be treasured. I truly believe that if we lift each other up in encouragement, in prayer, supporting one another's dreams, motivating each other to do better we can cultivate more meaningful, long lasting relationships. 

Love God Love People.

Here are some of the adventures we got into in a reservoir close to home. :) We missed the photo of the cowboy who came trotting along on his horse out of nowhere, creating a rather close version of a scene from a Nicholas Sparks book. We deeply regret not getting proof of this.

P.S. Please keep my grandma in your prayers. She was in the hospital this past weekend while Mindy was visiting due to heart difficulties. She is currently back in the nursing home and in recovery but could use some extra prayers right now to lift her spirits and get her on the fast recovery road. Thank you! 

I love finding hidden crosses! Psalm 96:12 Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let the trees of the forest sing for joy.

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