I once read an article about how contemporary Christian concerts are filled with more "earthly" or "worldly" things with the immense light shows, loud music and having "big" names in the Christian artist world. Sure, I will not deny, the lights in the concerts are incredible, the music can be loud and there are some big names in the contemporary Christian music world. However, I look at it this way...

A Stage For Jesus

There are hundreds or thousands of believers all together with a heart for Jesus. A heart for worship. All together as one under Christ. It is an absolutely moving experience to be next to complete strangers and with family + friends all worshipping our Creator, our beautiful, sovereign Maker. To be brothers and sisters in Christ and living in that same moment together feeling the power of the Holy Spirit. That's what it is about for me. It is not about the lights or how loud the music is or even how known the artist is. 

Church service at home begins with worship every Sunday morning and I still get the same exact feeling in my heart that I do when I worship at larger Christian concerts. It is truly a beautiful thing. Singing for the Lord, hands held high or hands held low, I get excited for Jesus, for Heaven, for celebrating my faith with brothers and sisters in Christ. I feel moved by the Holy Spirit and my heart is overwhelmed. 

On a mission to Guatemala back in February of this year, we began devotionals each evening with lots of singing in the name of our Lord and Savior. There were no light shows and the artists were not there. It was us as a team in a service setting, strengthening our hearts for Jesus and building our relationships with each other. It was beautiful and not a show but rather a genuine stage for Jesus. The same applies to worshipping with Christian artists at concerts. It is that feeling of giving back to the Lord, you can take away the lights, the speakers, the microphones and it will still be giving back to the Lord either way. 

[Below is a link to one of my favorite songs at the moment called Priceless by my new favorite Christian band, for KING AND COUNTRY. It is a song that I truly resonate with as it talks about how we as men and women are valued and treasured, we are more precious than diamonds, we are priceless sons and daughters of the King and should never settle for less than what we deserve.]

Happy Worship to you, regardless the setting or circumstance <3

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