Thursday, Sept 8: A house/apartment/room tour! Give us a glimpse of your space.

Modern/Rustic/Minimalistic is what I label my ideal interior decor style. My Pinterest is FULL of various home decor ideas, it's one of my favorite things to pin. :) Also, Hobby Lobby + Target are both dangerous for my checkbook! I have lived in this apartment for about 10 months now and have absolutely loved it. It is the perfect fit for me. Take a "virtual tour" through my apartment via these photos. 

Yay for interior decorating!

I absolutely LOVE my kitchen table. I had someone make it for me (I found them on Craigslist...all went safe and well though lol.) I would love to add a bench for one of the ends as well! The two chairs came from a friend of my mom's and were originally dark brown and I spray painted them white/distressed them slightly. They definitely have their imperfections but that is why I love them so much. You will hear me say that I purchase a ton of my stuff from Salvation Army and yard sales. They have thee best deals that you simply cannot pass up. Also, you will very rarely find my kitchen table without fresh flowers. It is my favorite addition to any home decor.

My aunt and I made hundreds of the wooden blocks with mod podged photos for my grandparent's 50th anniversary. It was such a fun project to do and displays the photos in such a fun way! The grateful wall hanging is actually a table placemat that I got at Target's dollar spot.
The view outside of my kitchen. I love that there are so many trees surrounding my apartment. This particular setting is the prettiest when the snow has fallen and the branches are dusted with white with pine cones peeking through. Ahh, love it!

These are the two verses I have by my kitchen sink. I love having them right there so I can always glance up and read a glimpse of God's Word.
My little coffee station that gets used daily, twice a day most of the time. 

This gallery wall is my favorite part of the apartment (as well as the balcony). All of the items on the gallery wall came from Hobby Lobby and Kirklands, on sale. My aunt made the cross on the very left. I have Proverbs 31:25 printed in the photo frame as a sweet reminder of where my strength comes from and who holds my future. :)

Very rarely do I watch TV. If I am, I usually have YouTube vloggers or Fixer Upper playing. Or the The Holiday and Harry Potter because they are my all time fav. Pandora is playing about 75% of the time though. The "l-o-v-e" wine bottles were so sweetly gifted from my best friend who I roomed with during college in Indianapolis. My aunt also crafted the wine bottle all the way to the right. 

Welcome to my puppy's little corner of the apartment. :) 

Hello! Don't mind my running get-up. I finally decided to jump back on the jogging kick today after taking a 3 week break. Ooops. My bathroom is the hardest part of the apartment to keep organized. There's just so many knick knacks/hair products/make up that seem to never find their original place. I also have a ton of Bath and Body products that are hard to find spaces for lol.

My bedroom furniture was my grandma's when she was a little girl and has since been passed down to my dad and now me. It is so beautiful and I am grateful to have it! The view outside my window is so serene. I couldn't have lucked out any more as far as apartment location.

The crocheted blanket in the front is from a previous resident of the nursing home I work in. She made one for each of us therapists, something I will always treasure. Side note: it amazes me how talented the elderly are when it comes to crocheting, quilting, knitting, etc. Truly amazing and beautiful handiwork. The stuffed monkey on the dresser is something that has been a part of the family as a sort of joke for a very long time. It used to sit in my dad's bar he had in his house, the bar monkey has now made it to the dresser lol.

The peaceful part of my apartment: the balcony. I found the rocking chair (was a medium tone brown) at a garage sale for $15 and I added weather resistant paint. The decorations are from garage sales as well. I love the white and gold watering can, it adds the perfect touch next to the artificial flowers. 

What is your space style?? 


  1. I love your gallery wall! I have a small one and want to work on adding to it. Your space is so cute :)

    1. Thank you Ashley! The gallery walls are so much fun to put together. :)

  2. I've often wondered about hiring out a project on Craigslist or kijiji. It is a beautiful table that you had built. Good work with that transaction. I adore antique furniture like your bedroom set. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Rhonda! My grandmas furniture set is by far my favorite. :)

  3. I love your gallery wall and kitchen table! And hello awesome balcony. I would sit out there all day. Looks so peaceful :)

    1. Aww thank you so much! It is definitely the most peaceful part of my space...I wish I had more time to sit out there and enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by! :)