Monday, Sept 5: What was your most memorable birthday?

I think each birthday has been very special in its own specific way. I do have very fond memories of birthday parties as a little girl having lots of school friends over, pool parties, ice cream cake, silly string, cupcake/cake baking, hitting pinatas and dodging for candy and of course making some awesome birthday wishes. The first birthday memory that pops up in my head is my 5th (I think?) when my entire preschool class came to my grandparents farm to ride horses. Grandma and Grandpa you are probably reading this right now, do you remember this birthday party?? :) 

I remember feeling so proud to have the class there sharing a piece of my childhood and being able to celebrate with them. I had cupcakes that I remember adding orange flavored tic tacs and licorice peels to - super random memory. It was a very noteworthy birthday and I am thankful for those memories with my dad, grandparents and classmates. Fun fact - I continue to keep in contact with my preschool teacher to this very day. We wrote many, many letters back and forth for about four or five years during late elementary/early middle school, now we keep in contact via Facebook. She is a special, Christ loving lady that I love dearly.

And then of course I had the big 2-5 this year! I really didn't do anything huge to celebrate my birthday but I truly do feel like this is my year. The year of being intentional, present, in pursuit yet content in all areas of my life. It still catches me off guard when I think about being twenty five and while I know that is still very young, it still doesn't seem possible due to time seeming to fly by. I could not be more thankful where God has brought me to thus far and I am excited to see what else He has in store for me in the coming years. :)

What is your most memorable birthday? Do you have any plans for an upcoming birthday or any fun celebration ideas?

Happy Monday/Labor Day, everyone!

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