How is it possible that summer is almost over already? This entire year is flying by right before our eyes. I now understand the saying the older you get, the faster time goes. With fall quickly approaching and summer coming to an end, what better time to reflect on the past few months. It has been a packed summer season full of a variety of adventures.

Saturday Sept 3: Now that summer's at an end, share a list of favorites from the season!

Mini road trips A trip to Salamonie Reservoir with one of my best friends from college (my roomie!) who drove three hours to stay with me for the weekend. So thankful for her friendship! I was lucky enough to take two separate trips to Lake Michigan, exploring South Haven, Holland, Zeeland, Grand Haven and part of Muskegon. The first trip to Lake Michigan was with my puppy in which I had hoped he would fall in love with the lake so we could take more frequent trips there. My dream of playing fetch on the beach quickly dissipated as he could barely stand the sand on his paws and don't even get me started on the waves. It was a rather windy day, unfortunately, so the waves were intensified and he was absolutely terrified. The second trip to MI was with my cousin and a good friend of mine as we stayed in Zeeland for the weekend with a family we met on a Guatemala mission. It was a fantastic weekend seeing old friends, rooted in Christ. Indianapolis road trips happen a lot less frequently due to life obligations (i.e. working); however, I was able to make one trip down to my college town to meet up with another bestie. We explored the city and caught up on each other's lives. This summer I truly realized how blessed I am to have the most genuine friends in my life.

Working So normally this wouldn't be a "favorite" summer activity but I genuinely love my job and am so thankful everyday. I work in physical therapy at a skilled nursing facility and the residents mean the world to me. Sure, there are plenty of difficult days but no matter what I always walk in and out of there with such gratitude and love for them. 

Concerts A spontaneous concert to see Travis Tritt (flashback to my childhood 90's). My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed having some throwback sing-a-longs, who doesn't love some good ol' 90's country music? :) Unity Christian Music Festival x 2 days where we saw Meredith Andrews, Building 429, Shalene Bryan (she shared her testimony of how she went from being a Hollywood producer to pursuing a God given heart desire to spread awareness for underprivileged malnourished children), for King and Country, Hawk Nelson, Colton Dixon and Newsboys. We all had a fantastic time seeing each artist perform and worshipping with so many other believers of all ages. Read more on my thoughts of Christian concerts here.

Puppy training This has been ongoing since Easter weekend but I had to include it because I love puppies. :) Theo has come a long way since being adopted at Tails of Hope rescue in Cincinatti, OH. He overcame a very rare parasite, we think he contracted when he was abandoned in the woods of Kentucky initially in his first 7 weeks of life. He has gone from being an aggressive puppy to a very playful, loving pup. He knows the commands sit, shake, lay down, pray and occasionally stay + roll over. I am working on the command "dance". He has also been my running buddy for a few of my workouts which helps burn his energy as well as my own.

Weddings One of my best friends from college married the love of her life in June and I was so happy to be a part of her special day. My cousin married his beautiful bride at the end of June. There are two more weddings on the same day in mid-September. I love weddings, I love cute couples, I love, love. 

25 I turned twenty five years young on July 21st! I truly feel in my heart that there are exciting things coming this year and I cannot wait to embrace each one of those adventures to add them to my life journey. Here's to 25. <3

Writing I finally dove back into writing more. This is my creative outlet, my "diary" if you will, that I choose to share with whoever reads it. It challenges me to be more vulnerable and to reflect on various seasons throughout my life. With this being a faith + lifestyle blog, I am challenged to dig deeper into God's Word as well. I love strengthening my relationship with Christ and hope my heart for Jesus shines through my words. (I genuinely love my readers, I know that God placed this passion in my heart for a reason.)

With that, we are quickly nearing fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season and I am excited to see what fun memories it brings this year. :)

What are some of your favorite summer events? What are you looking forward to in the coming fall season?


  1. Happy belated Birthday! It looks like you had so much fun on your mini road trips!

    1. Aww thank you, Jenn! Let's just hope my pup loves his next mini road trip a little more than his first haha.

  2. Road trips are the best! Your trips sound like they were so fun!

    1. Yes they really are the best! Especially spontaneous ones :)