Hello lovely readers!

Here we go! I am about to get vulnerable (for me, anyways...I am typically a pretty reserved person so I consider this to be quite vulnerable haha). Rarely do I ever complain or have to vent about things. I have always been really good at putting a smile on my face and finding the positive out of the situation and simply just letting things go. However, today was a terrible day, finding myself in tears multiple times, and I feel like writing about it will help. It is probably all just in my head and I let the day get the best of me, this is me venting so please don't take this as a pity post.

For starters, Mondays are hard. Even though I do not have to be at my job at a specific time, I still have a pretty set routine in the mornings and tend to arrive around the same time each morning. Running late in the mornings (especially Mondays) always starts the day off a little rough. I figured it's okay, I can deal with that and still wear a smile. It's all good.

My puppy has had intestinal problems ever since I adopted him from the rescue shelter back in March of this year. I knew adopting a puppy who was found abandoned in the backwoods of Kentucky would eventually serve its own health problems; however, we battled what I thought would be the last of his intestinal problems a few months ago. He is now showing signs and symptoms of the same problems again. Especially this morning. More on that later...

I had one of those days at work where it just seems like you cannot catch a break, not even a small break. I worked well over what I should have, without having eaten breakfast or lunch (I know this is my own fault). Needless to say, having not eaten and having been literally on the go the entire work day made for a very tired demeanor. The 35 minute drive home seemed like forever because I wanted to get my pup to the vet asap to get some answers.

He and I spent about 2 hours outside in total waiting for him to go to the bathroom after I finally got home from work, so I could take a sample into the vet. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. (I still had not eaten anything all day at this point, because you know being on the go and things - excuses.)

A few months ago I dropped my phone when I was walking Theo and it basically shattered (not to the point of having to get a new one - yet). A few days ago it was dropped again (careless mistake) and a few of the pieces fell out, uncovering part of the interior phone - not good.

My watch that I only use as a timer at work and just bought not even two months ago stopped working today with my last patient. I depend on that timer at work but I am also trying my best to follow a strict budget as I am saving for a home. Things like having to buy new watches, high pet bills and broken phones make this a tough goal.


Monday is done. Finished. Tomorrow is a new day. A new day to begin on a more positive note.

I am taking a sample into the vet in the morning before work to get the answers I was looking for this evening. One thing at a time, it will get done when it gets done. No need to stress out about it. Please keep him in your prayers as we are searching for these new answers.

I did finally eat this evening and even took a small nap which helped my headache and overall well being/mood.

As for my phone, it is what it is for now. I will be looking at options regarding cost at the end of this week. Until then, I am trying to lessen these careless mistakes. (I should also have a phone case/protector on it.)

My watch will be taken care of sometime this week, I may just have to go old school and look at the clocks on the wall as a timer. ;)


All day long, no matter which stressor was causing me to feel so overwhelmed, I knew that God was with me through it all. I knew it was the devil trying to bring me down but my God is much more mighty than that. With Him all things are possible and I pray that in these stressful times we are able to remember no matter how broken down we may feel or say to ourselves what else could go wrong, He is with us at each and every moment. Take life one day, one task, one duty at a time and certainly PRAY.

Venting feels good, but I promise I won't do that often on here. I want to keep this blog positive, uplifting and inspirational. But I also want to be real with you guys and recognize that life happens. It is nice to know I have your support. :)

Now, onto the actual blog prompt for today!

Monday, Sept. 12: Three books! One you just read, one you're currently reading, and one you want to read.

Just Read: For The Love by Jen Hatmaker
Currently Reading: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling + When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Judy
Reading Next: Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst



  1. Hey Hailey, I just discovered your blog from Bloglovin. I'm sorry you had a rough Monday, I did too! But now it's over and on to the better part of the week. (: I love Harry Potter. I read For the Love but did not care for it. I would like to read the book by Eric and Leslie though, as I have heard good things. -Danielle (www.danielleatpurejoy.blogspot.com)

    1. I hope the rest of your week goes much better! Monday blues are noo fun. I've been reading Eric and Leslie's book on and off for a while now. It's pretty good so far, they both are very real with their stories and relatable. I would recommend it. :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your rough day, hopefully today went more smoothly! Btw love both of those books you're currently reading! Have you read Praying For Your Future Husband? I read it before I dated my husband now and it was GREAT. So awesome to see someone seeking God even in the hard times, it's encouraging.

    1. Thank you! I have not read that book but it definitely sounds like one I would love to read! Thank you for referring it to me. :)

  3. I remember reading When God Writes Your Love Story as a 17-year old (13 years ago) and it really helped me surrender my singleness and my future marriage to God. It was great and I ended up reading lots of books by the Ludys because their wisdom. Leslie has a great website called SetApartGirl.com that has great articles for young women in various life seasons

    1. I recently visited her website and it is full of so much encouragement. LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by Elle!

  4. I really hope you have been having a better week! Sometimes it feels good to vent so you can air it all and then move on :)

    1. Thank you so much. The week gradually got better, TGIF. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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