My church hosted a guest worship band today, Alanna Story, they rocked it. They played one of my many favorite worship songs called Ever Be. The lyrics are simply a breath of fresh air with the precious reminder of God's presence. With Christmas quickly approaching in t minus 6 days. I am praying even more for His presence. It can be a very difficult time for those who are missing loved ones, those who are financially unstable or are going through personal hardships that make it hard to celebrate this Christmas season.

Rest assured...He is real, His love is devoted, His promises are true. We crave His presence in this time and I pray that our hearts are centered around what truly matters in this season. Throughout the year and around the holidays, I tend to find myself feeling "extra" busy with longer to do's and seemingly less hours in the day. My mind quickly rushing to the next task or destination without really stopping, reflecting in one moment at a time. How easy is it to let this happen on a daily basis? Too easy if you ask me.

So that leads me to this very simple question: What Made You Happy Today? What moment in time did you feel filled to the brim with pure joy? Maybe it was something so small but to you, it lifted your spirits. Maybe it was a simple hello from a stranger. Or perhaps it was that quiet moment to yourself that you hadn't realized you were missing.

My happiest moment today was doing a little therapeutic driving. Running errands was a part of this; however, I did take a few detours to lengthen the drive. The sun was shining so brightly, my puppy was sitting in the passenger seat, I had my music playing and I had time to simply enjoy the moments in peace. It's funny how something like driving, typically a daily activity, can provide so much contentment.

"Your love is devoted like a ring of solid gold
Like a vow that is tested like a covenant of old
Your love is enduring through the winter rain
And beyond the horizon with mercy for today"


  1. I don't think I've heard that song before, I'll have to check it out :)
    I had the best customer service experience this afternoon and then to top it off when I got home and sent an e-mail thanking the manager of the store he replied almost immediately thanking me for passing along a compliment.

    1. It is an amazing song, you will love it Donna!

      I love that you complimented them on their customer is wonderful how one compliment can go such long way in someone's day as well!