Dear readers,

It's time to choose a word for the new year! My word for 2016 was intention.

"Taking the time to be truly present in each moment. Being intentional in prayer for love and others. Growing in my faith and using my actions for a greater good. All of these things are my 2016 promises to myself."

Throughout this year I have grown in my relationship with Christ and am excited to continue that journey, though never perfect, I continue to be awed by God's love and grace. This year I have been conflicted between feeling at peace and feeling overwhelmed with my plans being wrecked for His greater plans.

I rediscovered my love for spontaneous adventures having been stationary for far too long.

I was more intentional with journaling - making notes in the margins of my Bible, handwriting life prayers + wanderlust destinations, writing letters to my future husband and documenting adventures with my little sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Journaling is something that I hope to continue throughout my life. How awesome that future generations can read about your life from "back in the day?" I love little sentiments like that. Even something as little as seeing handwritten notes.

For 2017 I wanted to choose a word that represented a fearless lifestyle, one that is striving to continuously grow and be positively transformed from the day before. I wanted a word that resembled someone who knows whose they are, whom they serve and for what purpose. A word that illustrated my love for new adventures throughout all seasons of life that the new year will bring.


I have a great feeling that 2017 will be a year of constant pursuit of:

living out my purpose
fearlessly working toward my life dreams
and pursuit of contentment with God's plans, letting go of mine. 

Join me! What is your word for 2017?


  1. Pursuit is a great word! I'm doing something a little different this year with my word. I made a list of 52 words I want to explore in 2017. In theory, one for each week. So far I am loving the idea since 2017 has a lot of uncertainty it's nice to know that my words will evolve with me.

    1. Such a great idea! I love that each week will have a sort of "theme" to it. :)