ac·count·a·bil·i·ty // the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

A new year + A fresh start. This is the beauty of the month of January. While I am true believer that you can make positive change at any point within your year, January just seems to hold that extra drive to boldly pursue those goals that you have been putting on the back burner. My #oneword365 for 2017 is pursuit. Under this one word umbrella encompasses my goal for maintaining fitness/wellness.

This is where I ask for your help. To simply hold myself accountable for continuing these lifestyle changes in my daily routine. Posting on here and writing my intentions out helps to ground my motivation for this aspect of my pursuit umbrella.

So far (11 days in) I have been consistent with my fitness routine as well as keeping up with a few wellness habits. 

It feels great to be productive and healthy.


One of my best friends and I signed up for a half marathon coming up in May. This alone has kicked my butt into gear to not give up and to keep pushing forward. I definitely do not want my $85 to go to waste!

Today's run was the most difficult so far as I had to quit 5 minutes early due to what felt like extreme fatigue. I did not let it affect my attitude because I still felt that I had been productive with what I had gotten done already today. There's no point in tearing yourself down if you did not fully meet that goal for the day because chances are if you are continuing to pursue it wholeheartedly, you have to recognize that there will be tough days and as long as you don't give up you are still on the path to success.

Running at this point in time involves a sole stepper that I gradually increase the resistance on. I use it for 30 minutes and vary going forwards and backwards. A proud moment: I reached 3.9 miles in 30 minutes, something I was not able to achieve since I first began running in August 2016.

Weight training is anything from various equipment at the gym or simply performing home exercises. Some exercises that I find beneficial: side-lying leg lifts, quadruped leg lifts, wall/standard push ups, squat jumps, squats, lying bicycles, quadruped leg circles. I do each of these 20 reps currently. There's also the occasional random dance break. :)

Tuesday || Run
Thursday || Weights
Friday || Run
Saturday || Run


Drink emergenc everyday after work.
Be intentional about drinking more water.
Get more sleep. (I am still struggling with this one. I go to bed way too late.)
Wash my makeup off every night before bed.
Floss once a day.
Lessen my to do list. (I used to get very specific with small things daily. I am moving away from that to a mindset of minimalism. It's not been easy but it's possible.)
Read the Bible every morning before work or every night before bed to anchor my heart and soul into life's deeper purpose. (I need to do this more deliberately.)

There are more categories under my fearless pursuit for 2017. I plan on writing about those throughout the year as well. :)

What are some of your goals for this year? Do you have any specific wellness/fitness goals you are working towards? Let me know. I would love to chat about them!

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