I feel like God has been placing very purposeful conversations in my life lately with people I see every so often but never really talk to, beyond the small talk anyway. But somehow our conversations have been led to something so much more than small talk. I love these kind of deep conversations, the point when you move beyond the ever so popular, "How are you?" followed by "I'm good."

It's amazing how much you can relate to someone if you just open your heart and let yourself be a little vulnerable for a moment. If you know me personally, you know that I sometimes have difficulty with this whole vulnerability thing. I've always been more reserved and open up to a select few. Lately I am learning not only how important it is to connect through the vulnerability but how fun it can be. 

Fearless pursuit. My 2017 goals greatly condensed into two words.

A conversation God orchestrated this afternoon was a simple reminder of not settling. Whether that be for work, a significant other, a home a bad cup of coffee (we all know important that one is). 

Why would God want us to settle for anything in life, really?

The fearless pursuit concept: I found myself sharing my heart and confidently doing so. Something I can have a hard time with. I began sharing my heart for traveling, for mission work, for the fatherless, the orphaned, my dream job, writing. I poured it out. With a joyful heart. And they began sharing their heart as well.

It brought so much joy to discuss these things with someone who I may have normally just passed by on a typical day. I felt prompted to never let these things go, the things that bring my heart so much happiness and a genuine love for expressing. To never forget my passion for making this world a better place, especially on the tough days (try extra harder those days).

This is what I challenge YOU. What are the things that bring you the most joy? 

Write them down. 
Talk about them.
Work hard at pursuing them wholeheartedly.

And remember...NEVER SETTLE.

God set a fire in your soul for those passions for a reason.

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