Today is the day you take action. Real action Massive, immediate action.
The packing party concept is simple: pretend you're moving to a new home and you have only one day to pack all your stuff.
Why a packing party? We wanted to transform this difficult undertaking into a "party." Everything's more exciting when it's a party, right? Invite some friends over to share the fun!
After a week, you'll notice the majority of your stuff still packed in boxes. Time to make some decision: trash, donate, sell.

This seemed slightly overboard to me at first, too. I approached it in a spring cleaning manner...tackling room by room and deciding things like "is that dress that I haven't worn in two years really worth keeping and saving for 'that' special occasion?"

Once I got on a roll, I found it so much easier to toss the unnecessary things. It took me about 3.5 hours to pack up everything from every nook and cranny of my 1 bed 1 bath apartment.

I am so pleased with how this worked out and it felt so great to know I didn't have nearly as much clutter around. I mentioned in a previous post that I tie sentimental value to 99% of everything which is true, so this pile of trash, donate, sell items is a pretty big deal for me.

(I still hold onto the priceless items, just in moderation.)

[Matthew 6:21] For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Here is my trash, donate, sell pile altogether:

read day two here.

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