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Holy blogging hiatus!

I have been anxious to get back to writing and back to what makes me focus on my biggest aspirations, putting the "typical" stresses of life behind for a quick little blog post.

My mind feels like it's on overload sometimes, especially here lately. You know those days/weeks when you feel as if there is so much going on that it becomes hard to keep up, when life happens and plans do not necessarily go as YOU had been wanting. The past few weeks I have been reminded (yet, again) that as much as I think I can plan everything and expect it to go exactly that way without any detours or bumps in the road (and without having to rely on anyone, I can be stubborn when it comes to asking for help), I simply cannot do it alone.

We are placed in seasons of true reliance, perhaps even several seasons of reliance throughout our days here on earth. Times in life when our faith is really the only solid ground and firm foundation that we can stand on, even if it feels shaken. When our hope and strength in Christ is the one thing we count on that stays constant.

Writing helps clear my mind and organize it in a way that calms my heart and soul.
Friendships remind me of the beautiful people I have to encourage me along life's journey.
Family is my trust that I will always have people to lean on for support.
Time to recharge, being away from technology and having alone time help gather my thoughts and ideas to feel restored.
Fresh air is a peaceful place to take in all the beauty around me that is quickly forgotten in the mundane day to day routine.

This weekend was full of the list above leaving my faith feeling reaffirmed for the first time in a few weeks. Self love is important, people. What helps you break out of a season of feeling alone and as if you should be self-reliant?

One of my best friends came to visit from out of town for the weekend and it was just the refresher I needed. We caught up on the latest of life, ate Rise n Roll donuts (I highly suggest tasting these delicious masterpieces of perfection), ran a 10k (where we conquered the Indiana weather of sunshine > clouds > a light rain > a downpour), moved the majority of my furniture with the help of family + friends to prepare for another chapter.

Also, my church shared in baptisms this morning, to which I ALWAYS end up crying tears of happiness for these brave, God fearing people.

[To Sum It Up]

It was a grand weekend that was much needed.

So, thank you to my friends and family for continuing to be a light in my life, for being the boost of courage we all need at times. And praise God that He continues to be my rock, even when my faith is challenged.



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