We were each given a gift.

Some of us discover our passions early on. You know those things that make your heart continue to yearn for more, the activities that challenge you yet make you want to be better than the day before. The ones that perhaps seem unconventional to some but sets you apart from the crowd.

My passion for writing developed as a little girl. I have just always enjoyed it. Simple as that. I was that student who would be ecstatic about an essay on an exam. I was definitely in the minority here. In my last year of college I finally put my love of writing into this blog and it has been ever changing and growing since. It has been my continuous outlet and online journal for almost three years.

To say that it is easy to share my heart so vulnerably with whoever chooses to read my posts is far from the truth. I am introverted meaning it does take a lot of inner strength to write about what is on my heart knowing it is out there for everyone to read. But I just absolutely love it. What makes me realize it's a passion of mine and something I will continue to pursue, is my purpose behind it. It is greater than me, it is having that hope that my stories and the paths God designed for me can encourage you and the paths you are on.

Whatever your passion is, I strongly encourage you to work at it wholeheartedly. Continue working hard. Find ways to combine your favorite pastimes. Make sure that what you are pursuing is beyond yourself, how can you incorporate a way of being a light to others?

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." Jennifer Lee

Maybe your passion is entrepreneurship, or perhaps fashion, woodworking, photography, cooking, or teaching. I believe we have these passions for a reason. They were not simply laid on your heart just because or to be easily forgotten. They were given to you in a unique way because God knew you have the strength and willpower to use it for a greater good.

"Purpose directs passion and passion ignites purpose." Rhonda Britten

There will be tough days. For instance, I experience writer's block at times when I am unsure how I will gather my thoughts into anything other than word vomit ever again. But with some inspirational reading, a cute coffee shop and some prayer I find my way back again. That's how awesome God is. When we begin to struggle with something, He finds little ways to bring us back again. Praise Him!

Embrace your unique calling, my friends. You will be so glad you did.

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