I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like my life is a combination of messy, too busy and cluttered. You know what I mean? Certainly not all the time, but there are definitely days when I feel as if I just can't seem to get it all together.

To counteract the chaotic days, I put together a list of small lifestyle changes that have helped me find a little more peace in the chaos. Perhaps your list will look different, either way I encourage you to begin making those little changes that will make a long lasting difference.

We must be able to receive love and peace within ourselves in order for our light to shine to those who may not see the light in the darkness.

God uses our hills and valleys to help others.

1. Clean up your email accounts.
I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to let my inbox pile up. Going through your email and cleaning up your contacts, subscriptions and unread messages is a sure way to make your life feel a little less chaotic. It's also nice to get rid of the red notifications saying you have "x" amount of unread emails. OCD, anyone?

2. Have a pamper evening.
I'm totally a bath girl. I love getting a good book, applying a face mask and relaxing. It is always a great way to recharge especially after a particularly crazy day.

3. Meet up with a friend for coffee.
Coffee + Fellowship. Two of my favorite things. I make it a point to have a coffee date with a good friend about twice a month and I always leave feeling inspired.

4. Call a loved one.
I'm much more of a "texter" than a "caller." And even then, I can be horrible at responding to text messages. Perhaps you can relate. But there's just something about calling and talking to someone on the phone that can create a positive spin on the day.

5. Go on a run/walk.
I recently got back into running. I would be lying if I said I loved it, I mean it's not exactly the easiest thing. But what I will say is when it's all done, I feel great. My body feels stronger, my mind feels clearer, and my productivity level sky rockets. Hello endorphins!

6. Organize your planner.
My fellow planning people will understand me when I say I would be lost without a written form of my to do's and day to day schedule. When my planner is updated and organized it just puts me in a right mood that leaves me feeling more organized than ever.

7. Finish reading the book you started.
Reading is a hobby of mine but I have a habit of reading half of multiple books at the same time. So tidying up my currently reading list just helps my wandering mind focus on one thing at a time.

8. Donate the clothes you no longer wear.
This helps in two very significant ways: one, it helps those who could use a little more and two, it declutters your overly crowded closet. It's a win-win.

9. Write down 10 things you love about yourself.
Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what makes us special. Every single one of us brings something unique to this world, once we discover that, we must not let it go. It's always nice to be reminded of what it is that makes you a positive influence in this world.

10. Forgive yourself from anything holding you back.
Carrying a burden can be so heavy at times. Once you let it go, hand it over to God and begin to forgive yourself that weight is lifted and you can be set free.

11. Take a break from social media.
I wrote a post called The Power of Unplugging that goes more in depth on this topic. It really is amazing how unplugging even for a set period of time in one day can open up productivity and end the mindless scrolling through Instagram or social media that is so easily done.

12. Stick to a morning routine.
Having a consistent morning routine helps me begin my day on a positive note. It makes me feel like I've already accomplished a small part of my day and gets me going in the right direction.

13. List your professional goals.
It is so important to check in and see where you're at with your goals, but it's even more important to acknowledge God's voice along the journey. Maybe He is calling you to something completely different. I wrote a post for Lane of Roses called Seeking His Vision that goes into detail about combing God's vision and your goals into one.

14. Begin a new workout class or learn a new skill.
Something beneficial happens when you begin a new workout or learn a new skill that is so good for the soul. Next time you are feeling like life is mundane, try a new activity that you've been wanting to try for a while.

15. Take a mini road trip by yourself to one of your favorite places.
I am such an advocate for living out your independence. I think it's healthy to be able to have the confidence to go out and do things on your own. To make your own decisions without consulting with your co-dependent. For example, most of my blog posts come from solo trips to various coffee shops. In which I am most of the time awkwardly taking photos of cute little set ups inside the shop. (lol) Visiting a favorite local area of yours even for an hour or two could help reset your mindset after a crazy day.

16. Write a letter.
There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned letter to send someone via snail mail. Remember the pen pal days? It was so exciting to receive something in the mail (that's not a bill, am I right?) and visually see their handwriting and know the thought they put into writing that letter for you.

17. Volunteer in your community.
Whether it be a pet shelter, a rescue mission, a church or school, donating your time is such a valuable way to remind you of what's really important. Focusing on the cluttered day you had or serving others?

18. Read the Bible and get involved in a Bible study.
When I start my acoustic worship playlist and begin reading the Bible I feel an overwhelming sense of peace. I do much better with reading God's Word when I am in a Bible study of some sort because it feels more intentional. I also love this because it opens up a whole community of people who can most likely relate to what you are going through in that life season. There is also the occasional time when I will randomly open the Bible and place my finger somewhere on the page to see what God can teach me through that passage.

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