A God moment I feel so compelled to share that happened this month applies to both me and a good friend of mine. My friend and I went on a road trip to Georgia from Indiana equalling about 12 hours one way in our rental car. We had the best time diving into a ton of first adventures on this short vacation. Kayaking in the Atlantic, trying different seafood, exploring an unknown city with adventurous spirits. It was such a great time by the ocean.

On our last night there we were both feeling anxious for different reasons but both relating to our futures in our careers as well as finding future husbands in God's will. We got real with God and had a prayer filled conversation with Him. We asked for things like guidance, to see His vision in our paths and for His will to be done.

The next day, I had a job opportunity come up that I had been waiting 6 months for. The following day, I interviewed and accepted their offer. (Huge prayer answered.)

The next day, my friend had a conversation with her boss and was informed she was able to move onto a different aspect of her job that would alleviate a lot of the anxiety she was feeling. (Another huge prayer answered.)

I am not sharing this to say that "hey, if you pray you get what you want." Most definitely not. However, I will say there IS power in prayer. There has not been one time after praying to God that I haven't felt more peaceful about a situation, more comforted or more guided in decision making. I still have many unanswered prayers, but sometimes that is God's way of silently speaking truth into my life.

I hope this month has been full of living life to its fullest with a grateful heart. I pray that you are filled with joy in Jesus and know that with Him all things are possible.

Onto a few of my favorites from this month. :)

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17

Living Proof Dry Shampoo
This product smells so good and gives you that fresh feeling as if you just washed your hair for those in between days.


This month I had the opportunity to serve lunch at my local rescue mission. My experience was absolutely amazing. There's nothing quite comparable to the feeling you get when you serve others. It puts the perspective back into reality that there is something so much greater than us in this world.

The Good Life Knows God's in Control 
If you need to hear a very relatable story sharing the divine transformation that happens when you place God at the center of your life in the midst of joy and sorrow, give this a listen. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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