Walking through life with a foundation of gratitude will dramatically change your outlook on your daily life and the future ahead of you. I wish I could say I always recognize the smaller opportunities to be thankful. Sometimes it can be so easy to overlook these small, but incredible, glimpses of gratefulness right in front of us. But then we reach a point when we have no choice but to open our eyes to these small beams of light.

Lately I have had the chance to look at all of the big and little blessings God has placed in my life. Currently I am in a situation that has really thrown me into relying on God and His great love. I have had to adjust to a new city, new job, new faces and a new way of recognizing the daily privileges I have had in my life that I took for granted. To say I have handled this temporary new way of life with the utmost grace and with a grateful heart would be a far stretched statement. The biggest blessing to have come from this true reliance on God besides being reminded of His faithfulness, is realizing those small blessings that I have sometimes overlooked.

This Thanksgiving was my first without being with my family. What a time to take a moment or two to really reflect on what I am truly thankful for. God's faithfulness. I have been reminded that no matter the situation, no matter how big the giant trying to block your path, God is bigger and His love will conquer all. Tough or new transitions in life give us the opportunity to put our trust and hope into something so much greater than us. To let our hearts beat with gratefulness instead of bitterness. Because when you think about it, we all have so much to be grateful for.

So today and everyday, spend a moment in the morning or right before you go to sleep and think of a list of things that you are thankful for. Some days may be a lot harder to find even one thing, but I promise if you find one, small blessing your outlook will begin to change. 

I am thankful for...
My family.
My dog (son).
A job that I love.
God's guidance.
Sunrises on the way to work.
Cozy nights.
People that speak Truth into my life.
& you, reading this.

Have a blessed day!

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