Raise your hand if your personality and productivity are determined by the energy around you. This is 100% me, to a T.

When it comes to writing, my setting greatly affects my productivity. As I type this, I am sitting on my bed with my dog sleeping next to me. Rarely is this my productive space. My most focused moments of writing involve a quiet, quaint coffee shop or library where I am surrounded by creative people and knowledge filled books. My headphones have various acoustic playlists singing inspiring lyrics into my ears. It feels like it's just me, my laptop and God whispering the words into existence.

I have also been known to drive a significant length of time just to get the right vibes to write what's on my heart. Sort of like a mini "writer's vacation" ya know?

What I love about blogging and writing is that everyone has such a unique voice and story to share. I absolutely love when someone takes that piece of inspiration and finds a way to combine their experiences and thoughts into a written story. It really is impressive. I find the "behind the scenes" so fascinating, especially with something like this creative field because it is just such an original way of creating.

Now, how do you convey your thoughts into actual written words and not just mumble jumble. Think of it as your recipe for writing.

Writing Through Writer's Block 
- finding inspiration for productive writing 

What you need:

  • A relaxing, yet engaging environment
  • A cozy drink of your choice - mine is usually a vanilla latte, hot or iced
  • An open heart and focused mind
  • The message you wish to share to brighten your reader's day and remind them that they are not facing their battle alone
  • A devotional, Bible or journal to turn to for encouragement

How to make it happen:
PREP TIME: As long as your deadline allows. 
YIELD: Your lovely readers. :)

STEP ONE: Prepare your focused ideas ahead of time.

The app called, Trello, has really helped me organize my thoughts and itemize each additional aspect that comes with blogging and getting your post ready to publish - including everything from the tech side, forming the inspired idea, conveying that into written form to then the photography side and creating posts for each social platform. It sounds overwhelming until you have a list to check off each to-do.

STEP TWO: Combine your inspired setting with your favorite drink of choice.

Maybe for you this is a library, coffee shop, at home on the couch or kitchen table, in a separate office or maybe it's somewhere completely different. Wherever you can take hold of the direction God is guiding you in and write it all out. Even if it is a jumbled mess at first, you will have your main ideas down, ready to expand in more detail.

STEP THREE: Write, write, write.

As long as you are writing, you are on the right path. Even if that means starting with bullet points or referring to that quick note of inspiration in your phone from earlier that day. Perhaps it means picking a Bible verse to write down in your notebook to then forming your perspective from there.

STEP FOUR: Be willing to change direction.

The thing with writing is it's always changing and evolving depending on what currently inspires you. Open your heart to a possible new direction and roll with it, or "write" with it. :)

Remember this: You felt called to share your story through writing for a deeper purpose beyond yourself. God created that purpose and is going to use it to encourage someone else along their journey. There will be people who try to discourage you - that's just reality. Take their negativity and use it as fuel to work even harder.

 Your story - written by God - has the significance to encourage others within a chapter of their own story. 

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