Happy weekend! And *almost* spring. :) Here recently I have been off of my productive game. It's like this weird winter funk that seems to get the best of me once every winter season. I now look at it as a challenge to let go of my "perfectionist" ways and take hold of a more realistic mindset.

Today I am sharing my favorites things from this winter season (including an AMAZING podcast) that truly helped push my creativity and put my to-do lists into action.

I also had the honor of volunteering as a buddy at Night to Shine sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation back in February. To say it was a moving experience is an understatement. I for sure shed tears of joy on multiple occasions. Joshua, my Jesus loving, king of the dance floor prom date and I have already made plans for next year's prom. We are so excited!

Now, onto this season's favorites...

Let me know some of your favorites from this season!

"Laziness & Discipline"
If you are looking for that kind of inspiration to transform your mindset from procrastination to motivation then this podcast episode is for you. 10/10 recommend giving this a listen.

Everything We Never Knew We Needed
"Jesus showed us through His miracles and by using ordinary men (the disciples), that He is able to do a great work through each and every one of us. No matter who we are or what we've done..."

This devotional was written by my fellow writing ambassador for Lane of Roses. They have a plethora of devotionals and faith filled inspiration to check out.

I finally discovered this teeth whitening product after what seemed like forever trying to find one that worked well with my sensitive teeth and didn't cost an outrageous amount of money. I use mine at nighttime in combination with my other toothpaste. Very cost effective, does not cause sensitivity and gets the job done.

The Magnolia Story
Chip and Joanna Gaines are such an inspirational couple living for the Lord, building more than a beautiful family and homes to swoon over...they are building God's Kingdom. I adore them both and love what they stand for. Pick up this book and give it a read if you want to be inspired to work hard at an abundant life full of what truly matters.

You can also see what books I'm currently reading on my home page. I tend to have a few good reads going at once.

Big Ben Coffee Kokomo, IN.
I was in Kokomo for a short time for my job and found this cute little shop on a whim. The environment sold me - I mean, who could resist that open beam ceiling. They had inspiring words posted throughout the shop and it was very welcoming. Anyone else love exploring coffee shops?

Wow. "This Love" is so powerful in so many ways. Housefires is easily one of my absolute favorite worship groups.

Also, I am a true 90's country music girl at heart. So, here's a classic for ya. :)

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