Hey there! My name's Hailey and I'm so happy to have you here! My hope and strength is found in Christ. He who helped me overcome (and continue to overcome) the tragic loss of my dad as a little girl, the same God that is preparing my heart to love my future husband deeply centered in Christ. I am a huge advocate for pursuing opportunities outside of your comfort zone. (That's where growth happens.) A few of my favorite things include the ocean, coffee, rescue dogs, and the smell of a new book. I have a tattoo that says Live Free in honor of my dad and the way he lived life so abundantly.


I like to think of my blog as faith + lifestyle based where I include small bits of my favorite things and write about what inspires me in hopes that it will inspire you too. I have always been a believer; however, I was led to intentionally pursue Christ in college. My dad passed away in a tragic motorcycle accident on Father's Day when I was nine years old, God carried me through that storm then and continues to carry me through the tough days of my dad's passing still today. This is where I am anchored in Christ, in the hope of His promises.

In December 2014 I was preparing to serve an international mission with a group from my University. I had been on international missions before; however, this one brought me outside of my comfort zone in countless ways. Prior to leaving for Chile I wanted to start some sort of blog so that my family and friends could keep up with the adventures our team was about to embark on. So, A Life Anchored in Hope was born. Needless to say, I fell in love with sharing my heart, writing and I had a strong desire to continue sharing my life + story.


Delight & Be
Domestically Blissful
Life After College
Seeking His Light in the Darkness

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