I am so excited to connect with you and for you to really get to know my heart behind this creative space.

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My Story of Hope

It was the summer between 3rd and 4th grade when God called my dad Home. He was in a motorcycle accident the morning of Father’s Day.

We had just returned home from a father daughter vacation to Disney World two weeks prior to his accident.

We had the most incredible vacation soaking up the Florida sunshine, cruising around in a convertible and overcoming my fear of riding the big coasters.

The lesson he taught me in conquering that small fear is something that has greatly impacted my mindset in overcoming fears later in life.

I am eternally grateful for the quality time we had for what we didn’t know was our last father daughter duo trip.

He was genuinely a one of a kind man who loved life so much. He was the type of person to brighten up a room. He embodied positivity, living freely and never held back on having fun.

Life as I knew it completely flipped that summer. Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that this is something that stays with you, forever. You learn ways to cope but essentially, there is always this heartache present.

That's where my hope + faith comes in.

My hope and strength is found in Christ. He who is my anchor in all of life's valleys and mountaintops.

Because I would rather remain rooted in hope than in hardship.

The loss of my dad has not only changed my entire outlook on life, but it has opened my heart to the fatherless in a whole new way.

I feel called to serve these sweet little ones more than anything else and for them to know how loved they are, their worth + that God has an incredible plan for each of their lives.

There will always be an opportunity to use a painful season for a greater purpose.

5 Random Facts

  • I’m a small town girl at heart, born and raised in Indiana.

  • You can most likely either find me exploring cute coffee shops, volunteering with rescue dogs, adventuring outdoors or jamming out to pretty much any type of music.

  • I’m a huge advocate for pursuing opportunities outside of your comfort zone.

  • Mission work is very near and dear to my heart.

  • I have a tattoo that says Live Free in honor of my dad who lived his life so abundantly.