When Your Hardship and Purpose Collide


It’s a special moment when you realize just how much you are capable of. And even beyond that, who you are called to be and who/whose you already are.

Launching this new community was actually very scary for me to do. It may sound silly but I think it was just a combination of how passionate I am about my heart behind it all and the nerves behind how people would react to it. It was definitely a leap of faith and a few steps outside of my comfort zone.

I want to share a couple of noteworthy moments that happened just after the “pre-initial” launch.

First of all, I did a much needed happy dance after finally sharing a piece of this creative project. This is something I have spent multiple days/weeks working on until 3-4 am after working my day job in physical therapy. I want to say a special thank you to my coffeepot for brewing my ability to accomplish that feat. (And my family for enduring phone calls venting about how overwhelmed I am) lol.

Can’t say I’ve had those kind of late nights since my college days!

I’m not going to lie though…fear and doubt started to creep in. I think it’s completely natural for that to happen when you put yourself out there in a way for people to judge your words and actions. It takes a lot of strength to open yourself up to that criticism. It’s important to remember that right there in that moment is where you begin a beautiful journey of growth and gain a steadfastness that can’t be beat.

After the fears and doubts crept in, I then broke down into joyful tears.

What an emotional roller coaster, right?

The tears were streaming down my face because all of a sudden I felt this overwhelming presence of my dad. I have only felt that on a handful of occasions, so I know it was a special moment that was divinely driven. I also felt him expressing how proud he was of his little girl. For those who don’t know, I have a habit of putting a lot of pressure on myself and feel the need to pursue “perfection” which obviously does not exist, so I have a tendency to set myself up for disappointment at times.

It was such an emotional moment but so beautiful and very much needed. It was also a reminder that: I am right where I am meant to be.

It’s proof that yes, maybe pursuing a new adventure and diving into the unknown is extremely scary, but what’s even more scary than that is not pursuing that calling and living with regret later in life.

There’s a reason you were gifted with that vision of how you can serve with a greater purpose. When it comes down to it, it’s not really about you at all at all but rather, relating to and being a light to those around you.

I can promise you, God will meet you in the midst of that moment as soon as you take that opportunity.

The other noteworthy moment was a little lighter…one of the first Instagram posts in my newsfeed was a photo of the Magnolia Journal with Joanna Gaines and a headline on the cover stating, “The world needs who you were made to be.” A-MEN!

When you realize your God-given potential and act on that, you are truly unstoppable my friend.